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Summer festivities

The weather here in South West Scotland has been just glorious. As a result Kirkcudbright has been buzzing with visitors as the summer festivities programme gets in to full swing. I popped in last Sunday to take a look at the monthly car boot sale and the arts and craft weekend. (We have a mountain of preloved belongings in need of new homes and I was considering doing the boot sale). It was a lively atmosphere and I even managed to pick up a bargain……..I may just manage to gather my wares for the September event, even if I don’t manage to part with my stuff it will be fun. Speaking of other events I was determined to get to the summer fair, it’s such a relaxing atmosphere and great to pass an afternoon chatting to stall holders, alas life events took over……next year it will be my mission!? The visit kirkcudbright website gives all the info on what’s on over the summer and there is plenty to do for such a small community, it is a credit to the committed organisers.

On to some news from Carse, we have been expanding our garden animal collection, we have just acquired some very very cute quails. They are much smaller than anticipated, but very entertaining, for us and muffin the cat, she spends hours staring at them, we think it must be like TV. I think it’s also time for more chickens too, Basil our placid old cockerel is now no more and we have a number of  grumpy old dears in their twilight years so some young blood is required to liven up the group…… Watch this space.

Oh, by the way you may be wondering where the photos are? I hope to get some photos on the blog, well, when I’ve figured out how to do it! In the meantime take a look at the rest of our site.

Suzanne x

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