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Hello and welcome!

Welcome to our blog!

This is a new section of our website where we hope to reveal a little more information about who we are and what you can hope to experience during your stay at Carse Cottage.  We still consider our business to be in its infancy so are always looking to build on strengths, that said we are steadfast in our driving philosophy, to provide guests with accommodation that at least matches and often exceeds their expectations. To those who are new to Galloway we hope to ignite your passion for the wonderful countryside and the warmth of its people and culture.

So what’s on offer just now? The sun has been shining, lush grass fills the fields and young animals are all about, not to be missed! In fact take a look at our calendar we have a week free commencing Saturday 29th June and will offer this at a special offer of £350.

Finally for now, thank you to all our guests we hope to welcome you again soon

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